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Worse Case Scenario of Not Utilising Property Inventories

Greater London’s population is on the rise and a review in 2011 put the headcount at 8,173,941.

A serious percentage of all new arrivals are by no doubt potential housing renters and due to this, agents and landlords face a growing trend of tenancy-related problems and issues which require a balanced and professional solution.

  • Not using a Professional inventory service means that no onus is put on the tenants to keep the property clean, tidy and well managed.

  • Not using a Professional inventory service means that rampant loss and damage of furniture and assets may occur.

  • Not using a Professional inventory service will mean that inspections won’t stand up in court.

  • Not using a Professional inventory service will mean that time and money is wasted, for if landlords outsource the leasehold management, this will allow them to automate other tenancy-related tasks. The software, accredited inventory clerks use, can automatically collect data, conduct calculations, create and export precise records of the housing characteristics. This not only results in time and costs savings but also increases the business assets efficiency.

Third-Party Inspections Encourage Tenant Responsibility, so in order to eliminate doubt and disloyalty, an independent inventory clerk service is the right solution to the London housing niche.

If you think the above points are not viable in this day and age, please see the links below to identify the worst that can happen when a tenant misuses a home.

Worse Case Scenarios – Tenants From Hell





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