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The Property Inventory Clerk Job

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Property Inventory Clerk Job

A property inventory clerk is a professional who visits residential properties and prepares detailed reports of their condition and contents, this report helps to protect the asset (property) and the tenant’s deposit, usually held in a tenant deposit scheme, such as the DPS, TDS or registered and held by the landlord / managing agent. The inventory clerk attends the property each time tenants are moving in or out of a property and are usually instructed by a Letting Agent or the Landlord to visit the property, inspect it and to create a new report which meets the requirements to protect or deduct from the tenancy deposit.

You don’t need any previous experience or formal qualifications to work as an Inventory Clerk. It’s a job that is easy to learn, but you will need some basic training, an eye for detail, excellent time management and capable of working alone, you will also need inventory reporting software and a mobile device in order to produce accurate and detailed reports, however, when working for a professional inventory company, such as ourselves, all of the above will be provided free of charge.

The Work of The Inventory Clerk Involves

Working from home / office – receiving instructions from Letting Agents or Landlords by phone or by email (usually at least a couple of days before the inspection).

Visiting & inspecting residential properties – Collection of keys, checking marks to doors, walls, floors, listings tables and chairs, sofas and cushions, beds, wardrobes etc. Return of Keys or transfer to incoming tenants. (The onsite inspection of a furnished 1-bed flat should only take about 60 mins.)

Working from home / office – After the property inspection the inventory clerk prepares the reports at home or office. The reports must be completed within 2-3 days after the inspection and then sent to the managing agents.

As an Inventory Clerk we don’t have to be an expert in fabrics, woods, materials, art or antiques. We describe items in basic terms only and take photos to ensure they can be easily identified. (E.g. painted white wooden door, brown leather sofa, dark wood table etc.) We don’t have to describe the items by their original name, period produced or material used in its production.

An inventory clerk is NOT a qualified electrician or gas engineer and NOT expected to test electrical or other appliances to confirm if they are safe, however, we may test for power only and provide a basic smoke alarm test at the start of each new tenancy.

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