• David Evestaff

10 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Property Management Reports

1. An agent or landlord would find our unbiased, detailed and professional service, to be a boon to them.

2. We have expert knowledge and are accustomed to all situations.

3. We are focused on providing Inventory Reports, Mid-Term Inspections, Check-In/Check-Out Services, so we are specialised and adept at dealing with a variety of difficult and sometimes strained situations (particularly at check out), which agency staff might not be equipped to handle.

4. We offer high-quality and detailed reports that are looked upon with great favour by Legal bodies if a dispute needs to be raised.

5. All of our inventory clerks possess the necessary skills, aptitude and training for the job, which requires a different set of skills to that of an agent or landlord.

6. Our inventory clerks are fully trained and work to prevent there being any issues with the quality of reports - so that they satisfy the adjudicators.

7. It may cost up to 50% more to conduct each inventory report in-house – we save you time and money with our professional service.

8, Our professional inventory services reflect very well on agents and landlords and enhance the outlook they are seen by the public and corporate clients.

9. Our professional, detailed inventory reports, impress landlords and demonstrate that the agent is providing a professional service and working to protect the landlord’s property by using the best-qualified people to create and supply these reports.

10. We offer agents and landlords a competitive edge, freeing up their business and saving them money too.

Worst case scenario, don’t leave it to chance, protect your investments:


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